Information about sub-processors utilized by Membean.

Membean, Inc. ("Membean") makes use of selected sub-processors to assist in providing the Services as defined in our Terms of Use ("Terms") while ensuring privacy and security as described in our Privacy Policy.

A sub-processors is a third-party data processor retained by Membean, who has or potentially will have access to Service Data (which may contain Personal Data), while providing products or services on our behalf.

Membean uses a commercially reasonable selection process to evaluate the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of such sub-processors. Additionally, Membean ensures that its sub-processors satisfy contractual obligations as those required by Membean (as a Data Collector or Data Processor) through requisite Data Processing Agreements ("DPA").

Membean provides this list of sub-processors to enable Users to stay informed about the scope of subprocessing associated with the Services.


Membean provides its Services through systems installed in several co-location facilities in the United States. This infrastructure is owned or controlled by Membean and access to Service Data is permitted only to legally retained employees, vendors or contractors. Membean also utilizes the entities described below to host or process Service Data.

Entity Description Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Services Provider United States
Digital Ocean LLC Cloud Hosting Provider United States

Content Delivery

Membean may use content delivery networks ("CDNs") for security purposes as well as to optimize content delivery and speed up data transmission. CDNs do not have access to Service Data, but may use Personal Data such as IP address, telecommunication provider, device information or geographic location to utilize the appropriate origin server and content format.

Entity Description Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Public content stored with and transmitted by Amazon Web Services, Inc., to expedite transmission Global
Cloudflare, Inc. Public website content served to website visitors may be stored with and transmitted by Cloudflare to expedite transmission. Global
StackPath, LLC Public website elements served to website visitors stored with and transmitted by MaxCDN to expedite transmission. Global

Service Providers

Membean utilizes third parties to provide specific functionality to facilitate the Service. These providers may have access to Service Data necessary to carry out relevant functions as outlined below.

Entity Description Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Delivery of Service notifications by email, with access to email addresses. United States
Cloudflare, Inc. Secure and manage traffic to the Services, with access to URL interactions and IP addresses. United States
Freshworks, Inc. Customer support, with access to name, email, role and contact information. United States
Google Analytics with access to IP address, device and interaction data. United States
Intercom R&D Unlimited Company Customer interactions, with access to name, email, IP address and interaction data. Ireland
The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a MailChimp Email list sign-ups and content delivery, with access to emails and names. United States, Inc. Customer relationship management, with access to name, email, role and affiliation. United States
Typeform S.L. Customer surveys, with access to name, email and survey data. Spain
Zapier, Inc. Interconnection of customer name, email and contact information. United States

Notification of Updates

Membean will maintain this list current by adding the names of new or replacement sub-processors. If you wish to be notified of changes, please send an email with subject "sub-processor notification" to